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Option 1: Loss Damage Waiver (“LDW”)

For US$10 per day (compact and mid-size cars) or US$15 per day (all other vehicles), the renter may purchase the LDW. With the LDW, the renter’s liability will be reduced to US$900 (compact and mid-size cars) and US$1,500 (all other categories) in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle (any single event). This US$900 or US$1,500, in addition to the rental amount, is normally guaranteed by a major credit card.

Option 2: Collision Damage Waiver (“CDW”)

As an alternative to the LDW, the renter may opt for the Collision Damage Waiver where he/she pays US$20 or US$25 per day and has no liability at all. With the CDW, a deposit of US$200 is held in case of extension of the rental period. Please note that the CDW is applicable only to rentals for three (3) or more days.

Option 3: Participating Credit Cards

If the renter uses a credit card that offers Motor Insurance Coverage, which includes the Island of Jamaica, then the he/she may decline the options outlined above and have the vehicle fully covered under the credit card’s insurance feature. The only credit cards offering coverage in Jamaica at this time are Gold and Platinum Master Cards issued in Canada, and World MasterCard from the US. Please verify with your credit card company. Our representatives will also obtain confirmation at the time of rental.